Eating Nachos on a Tuesday

Listen.  It’s not a pretty existence.  It’s crunchy and salty and messy, but fucking cheesy as hell and so delicious.  

Thats my life.  But also my nacho-eating-face as I turn 34 with a tequila shot in my hand on a Tuesday night.  Let’s drink another to commemorate or forget…whatever your view of the day is.   Read More

Banjo Love, All about the D: take 2

If you didn’t see the first Banjo post, I suggest backing up a page:

I got a break from the day job and ran away to the beach. However, I’m sticking strongly to my weekly banjo practice.

Jack, my musically uber-talented boyfriend, has been generously listening to my sad, uneven strums, helping me with the melodic side of my song. He listened over and over and decided something was missing…The D.
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Banging on the Banjo: take 1

No seriously, that’s what I currently sound like… But that’s about to change!  It only takes 100,000 hours to get something mastered, right?

I have been on a freelance adventure for about two years now. It was the right decision for me at the time. I felt my voice was muffled and I really needed the freedom to be heard. I’ve been shooting lots of photography, video, music and lots of beautiful people – which is nothing but inspiring.

However, all of the freelance occupies my time in a new unexpected way and my voice never became audible.
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That’s Forked Up. Too Spoon?

One of my favorite kitchen utensils is the wooden spoon. Why? I don’t know. It was always a form of punishment growing up so I should want to have all of them banished from the kitchen, but they are too damn useful.

They also make great gifts like dish towels. “Oh man, I hate new clean towels,” said no one ever.

But a wooden spoon alone may seem a bit dull, so why not pass on words of love, encouragement or advice. Everyone loves hearing your opinion, I promise.
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White Chip Carrot Cookies

When money gets tight, baking gets interesting. While freelancing is fun, I haven’t found that job that has taken over my life – sadly counterbalancing with not helping out the checkbook.

But a girl’s gotta eat (healthy and treats!) I discovered the “End of Life” section in produce at my local grocer. It usually has huge amounts of random produce that is past the sell by date or may be a bit bruised. Most of the time, it’s perfectly ripe. Today, I got 20 carrots for $0.99 and 10 bananas for $0.99. I bought both.
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Piña Colada Cake


Do you like happiness, movies, cake? Congratulations, you’re a perfect human being. Keep reading to find all of those things…

Sometimes after binging on random episodes of Netflix originals or random movies, I can’t sit any longer and my idle hands need to create. Sometimes it’s knitting and most times it’s cookies. But today, after wanting ice cream and bananas but having a random pineapple that needed to be used, I decided a cake was going to happen…
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Norwood’s “Notes to my Blood” Album Release

A lot of my Jobless in Jersey City days have been spent around live music: Enjoying, feeling and shooting it. Watching people perform what comes from inside themselves – with little to no filter – is rewarding. As I work towards my personal re-invention, I am in need of some inspiration…
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JOBLESS in Jersey City – I would walk 100 miles


I woke up this morning in a full out panic attack, mentally not prepared for the 24 hours of travel it would take to get back home.

I walked over 100 miles of the California coast. I breathed hard with every step and fought the urges to turn back. I hiked high into the air, stretched on tall peaks and took in the views. I woke up every morning with no goals but just the need to go.
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JOBLESS in Jersey City – California Dreamin’

Hammock nap at sunset on the OB Pier in San Diego “Hammock nap at sunset on the OB Pier in San Diego”

For the past 10 days, I’ve been on an adventure with RBK, my fellow JOBLESS in Jersey City friend.

Read and watch more about JOBLESS in Jersey City.

We flew from New York City to Sacramento, California. We spent a few days in Sacramento, Mill Valley and Napa tasting wine, looking at huge trees and climbing up mountains. In San Francisco, we partied for Chinese New Year and watched the sun rise and set over the ocean. We trained down the coast on Amtrak as the ocean and hilly landscapes rolled slowly on by. In San Diego, we met up with friends, whales and dolphins.

Our lodging was unique and diverse: we stayed in an airstream, hostels, hotels, random bedrooms and train cars. We bonded over wine, nature, jello shots, karaoke and sharing a bed for 10 days. Even the night we managed to lose house keys in a single bedroom while on our way out to dinner, we never got upset at each other but rather just worked through things – even through the extreme hanger (Hunger+Anger). It’s been a healthy and adult trip.

The more we sweat and the further we climbed, the deeper RBK seemed to relax and open up. It’s really inspiring to see your friend emerge a more confident, stronger woman.

Maybe I’m sexist to my own sex, but as I woman, I have a fear of traveling alone. When the opportunity came up to do this journey with RBK, I jumped on it. She had a small window of time to work with yet I didn’t buy a return ticket. My time with her helped me get into the swing of constant travel and once she left, it was my chance to get over my fear. I thought our trip would help me clear my head, get re-inspired creatively and figure out what I want next in my life. (That’s a tall fucking order for a single sabbatical!)

What I’ve come to realize is the resentment and anger I’ve been holding in has crept into my blood and my breath. It’s a consuming force. Before being able to move ahead, I need to be able to let go and breathe. The first 10 days of this trip I have really made strides towards letting go. Now it’s time to breathe.

#LESSONOFTHEDAY – Thank you RBK! You’re absolutely right. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.

Stay tuned to see if I breathe or turn blue… These thoughts and stories will be videos soon, but for now check out these snippets.

JOBLESS in Jersey City

My dear friend RBK and I found ourselves to be unemployed simultaneously. Part of my personal sabbatical is to find out what I want to do next. I decided to make it a craft sabbatical.
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