Warmed by Tiphanie Doucet’s Sun

Tiphanie Doucet came to me with an idea for a music video. She wanted to create something that felt very one-on-one, with the audience being the other person in the couple. The “couple” could be open to interpretation as a best friend or a lover, ultimately just someone that was meaningful and would be warmed by her loving personality and sweet smile.
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“What Can I Say?” We’re #creatingshit

Case Garrett and I met for the first time at his gig at Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Hoboken, NJ.  He was performing while I rolled some video.  A few months later, over a rainy day at a diner, we talked about shooting a produced music video for his new single, “What Can I Say.”  Read More

Welcome to

NonLinear Knitting Studio!

NonLinear Knitting Studio is up and running. We are currently looking for folks to join us, whether that means come rent a monthly workspace in our open floor plan or rent our studio section for the day. Craft adventures, yoga classes and photoshoots are in our future.

And now the fun stuff…
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The Studio Process

NonLinear Knitting started out of my need to get back to my Ohio roots and make shit. It’s about getting people together to insspire each other and do creative things. Maybe that means knitting. But it also means video, photography, macramé, yoga, dance, writing, music, painting……(ADD YOUR THING HERE)
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NonLinear’s Studio is being “Knitted” Together.

In yoga class this morning, our mantra of the day was “courage.”  Lately, I’ve been feeling very scared and second guessing every thought I have.  I felt like my mental sunshine was slowly drained out of my heart.  Yet, somehow, through all the mud, tears, and frustrations, I woke up this morning with all of my sunshine replenished. It’s funny thing how things can align.
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Eating Nachos on a Tuesday

Listen.  It’s not a pretty existence.  It’s crunchy and salty and messy, but fucking cheesy as hell and so delicious.  

Thats my life.  But also my nacho-eating-face as I turn 34 with a tequila shot in my hand on a Tuesday night.  Let’s drink another to commemorate or forget…whatever your view of the day is.   Read More

Banjo Love, All about the D: take 2

If you didn’t see the first Banjo post, I suggest backing up a page: http://nonlinearknitting.com/2017/08/07/heartshapedhole1/

I got a break from the day job and ran away to the beach. However, I’m sticking strongly to my weekly banjo practice.

Jack, my musically uber-talented boyfriend, has been generously listening to my sad, uneven strums, helping me with the melodic side of my song. He listened over and over and decided something was missing…The D.
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Banging on the Banjo: take 1

No seriously, that’s what I currently sound like… But that’s about to change!  It only takes 100,000 hours to get something mastered, right?

I have been on a freelance adventure for about two years now. It was the right decision for me at the time. I felt my voice was muffled and I really needed the freedom to be heard. I’ve been shooting lots of photography, video, music and lots of beautiful people – which is nothing but inspiring.

However, all of the freelance occupies my time in a new unexpected way and my voice never became audible.
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That’s Forked Up. Too Spoon?

One of my favorite kitchen utensils is the wooden spoon. Why? I don’t know. It was always a form of punishment growing up so I should want to have all of them banished from the kitchen, but they are too damn useful.

They also make great gifts like dish towels. “Oh man, I hate new clean towels,” said no one ever.

But a wooden spoon alone may seem a bit dull, so why not pass on words of love, encouragement or advice. Everyone loves hearing your opinion, I promise.
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White Chip Carrot Cookies

When money gets tight, baking gets interesting. While freelancing is fun, I haven’t found that job that has taken over my life – sadly counterbalancing with not helping out the checkbook.

But a girl’s gotta eat (healthy and treats!) I discovered the “End of Life” section in produce at my local grocer. It usually has huge amounts of random produce that is past the sell by date or may be a bit bruised. Most of the time, it’s perfectly ripe. Today, I got 20 carrots for $0.99 and 10 bananas for $0.99. I bought both.
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