…and I am Tara

by Tara

Now. Ahem.  A little about me:  I live in small town Ohio, hopefully making the move to NJ soon to be with the best of the best of best friends, CourTney.  Right now I work as a consultant, helping college students with computer related projects for class.  I love my job, but…I also love Yarn.  So does CourT.  She is my proud enabler.  We binge on skeins of alpaca and silk, knitted lace shawls, warm wool berets, crocheted rugs, and pattern books.  My favorite memories are of  CourT and I crafting.  In body I may be in my white walled, 310 sq ft apartment in Kent, but in my mind we are together, sitting on an overstuffed brown sofa in her cozy living room in Akron, a CourT-crocheted afgan laying across our laps, a steaming vanilla latte or spicy chai tea on the coffee table, season after season of House, or The Office, or indie films checked out of the library in the DVD player, our needles and hooks moving methodically as we chat about life.  I miss my partner in crime.

You see, CourT was right.  We did lose ourselves when she moved away…uninspired and lacking passion for the thing we always did together, not alone…until there was Ravelry.   CourT started posting her projects, suggesting I do the same. (See my projects on Ravelry here.)  She posted the Gretel Tam by Ysolda Teague and it was over. (See her Gretel here.)

So, here we are now.  CourT in NJ, me in Ohio, committing to start a business together doing something we love…..Let the inspiration begin!