Excuse Me While I Dye

by Tara

Last Thursday I dyed for the very first time.  It was magical, and special, and everything I thought it could be, and more…

OH!  The excitement I felt, as the wool soaked in its warm bath of blood red, black cherry Kool-Aid, came bumbling up from my gut in nervous, skittish giggles as I churned it about in ceremony.  With surgical care, being sure not to felt the untreated wool,  I toweled it off,  and hung it to dry, and then…waited…staring at my creation, hypnotized,  imagining how it will feel knitting it into the most perfect sweater…it was the most fun I’ve had in months.  Now, it is Monday and I already need another fix.  I had planned to scrub the bathroom tonight, but…it’s an emergency.  I just might die if I don’t dye.  I’M NOT BEING DRAMATIC!

If you have not dyed your own yarn, let this be a warning to you.  Look at me!  I’ve only done it once and I’m already out of control.  Now, I truly feel that what I create is unique and one-of-a-kind.  A new era of crafting has begun.