Yarn is a state of mind.

By CourTney

So. The beach was very successful at relaxation..


But now, I’m back in the real world. I’m back sitting at a desk only to think of yarn and beads and buttons and zippers.

After we got back from the beach, my husband and I tackled the office and made the transformation into the office/craft room.  I hope it is Grandma approved!

After 2 full days of moving/ cleaning/ rearranging, I was so happy to have it ready, yet so sad that it was now 11 pm on a Sunday evening and I had to go back to work without trying it out. Brian said ” but you’ve been yarning all weekend!” and I said “no, just thinking about yarn, but only cleaning…” and he said, “Yarn is a state of mind.” I thought that was brilliant. And he’s right. So, even though I am sitting here at a computer, I am thinking about all of the crafts that are to come and it’s getting me through the day.