UFOs and nowhere to go

by Tara

Anyone who knows me would say that I have a tendency not to finish things.  I have a jumper for example, that has been on the needles for SEVEN years that CourT periodically nudges me to revisit.  Lately I have been struck with a glorious case of finishitis.  As in, I need to finish things.  Well, I certainly have the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) to do so, let me tell ya.

Last February I megabussed it to Jersey City for a yarn crawl with CourT and her awesome knitter friend, Kaitlyn.  I had an amazing time and bought lots of yarn for hats (I  still had beret knitting fever), and a baby sweater kit to make for a good friend who is expecting.  When I got back to Ohio I tore into the kit.  It was my first baby sweater but the thing flew off the needles in two days, tops.  It was a fun knit.  Then, it sat there.  Like most knitters, I hate seaming.  Ew.  About a month later I blocked it.  Then, it sat there some more.  But, in the height of my finishitis last night, I laid it all out and…couldn’t find my notions bag. I searched my tiny apartment for 3 hours last night.  Nothing.  Want to know what else is in the notions bag?  The teddy bear buttons that MAKE THE SWEATER SO STINKING CHARMING AND IRRESISTIBLE!  Dangit, dag nabbit, and mother trucker.  I probably stared at my UFO basket for another 2 hours, the knitted fabric scraps of a soon-to-be teddy bear, a mitten waiting for its top to be seamed shut…all dressed up and nowhere to go, the desperation is palpable.

I shall now distract myself with the ETSY store policy writing.  Perhaps I will finish something after all.