Work in progress

by CourTney

So Tara and I have decided to start an Etsy store.  We have a lot of homemade items that could be useful to crafters and non-crafters alike.  At this point, we have a name, a digital store front, graphics and some merch.  Now we just have to put it all together.

I think the hardest part to beginning the listing process is figuring out prices.  You want to make that cowl worth the 9 hours you put into it, but you can’t charge $90 or else you’ll never make a sale.  I’d be too scared to wear a $90 cowl!  So that’s the next hurtle.  I would love feedback if anyone has figured out a super magical math equation of time spend crafting/ what it’s worth to someone who doesn’t understand the amount of time put into it.

But maybe that’s the main thought.  People who don’t appreciate a handmade cashmere lace scarf would probably just pick up a bulky acrylic machine made scarf from Target for $5.  (And nothing against Target, it’s one of my favorites!)  I suppose people shopping on Etsy realize the difference, to an extent.  I know I love buying something that I know someone put some time and thought into verse grabbing it cheaper at a big box store, and don’t mind paying a little more.

However, there is the “grandpa garage sale love” side in me that LOVES bargins.  I may end up buying that $5 scarf at target because, Hell!  It’s only $5.

The last point of the argument in my head is the simple fact that I LOVE crafting.  Be it knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting, beading…You name it, I would probably enjoy it or am already doing it.  So, this is really just an outlet to help fund my yarn shopping adventures and to have somewhere to put the 25 scarves I have in the closet.  (I’m sure my family could do without another round of scarves for Christmas!)

So, I think I could argue all sides of this matter until I am blue in the face.  Any opinions out there?