Whale of a tale

By CourTney

My husband is super supportive of my knitting. He makes suggestions, picks out yarn and dislike patterns with me. I have tried to make him several items but every time I knit for him, it turns into a nightmare. I made socks once for him (size 13 feet) that ended up perfect for myself (size 6.). It is almost as though the knitting gods are angry that I found myself a gentleman that is willing to roll up yarn during a 2 hour movie.

The latest project he asked me to make was a whale hat. He wanted nothing for Christmas and his birthday or Easter, Halloween, or even our anniversary, except for this whale hat. I was super excited! He had a specific item. And I love hats! They are my favorite thing to make. I spent a day drawing on graph paper to get the math of his big head to match my repeating whale. It all worked out. I knitted the hat and to my dismay, it was TOO BIG! So, lucky for me, I knitted the hat from 100% wool. ( I know I just heard a huge groan out there from knitters and sweater wearers). But I knew better. I would be the first to conquer shrinking something in a washer by a couple inches without it coming out like a baby hat. ( truth be told, i sat on the hat for weeks, petrified to put it in the washer…. Afraid that it would come out like a huge ball of disaster.)

So, one weekend, while Tara was visiting, I got the courage. 5 minutes in the wash, nothing happened. 5 more…nothing. 5 more nothing….and then I….walked away for what I thought was 10 seconds…..nope. 10 minutes.

Never never never never walk away! No matter if u have to pee, or get more coffee or your cat is crawling out the window of your 5th floor apartment building.

So, after many tears and lots of husband disappointment, the whale hat, which he loved loved loved, was shrunk to a cone that wouldn’t even fit my head.

So, fast forward about 4 or 5 months. Tonight I did my first sewing project. I am making whale change purses, made from the wool-to-felted-cone-hat. I cut them out, drew a pattern and did a quick mock up. It was my first full use of the craft room. And it was all motivated by my Love. He even threw in a button flap suggestion.


So, very soon our easy store will be ready to sell! And I think I owe someone a anew whale hat.