Search and Rescue

Exciting things are happening!!!!

First of all, I FOUND MY NOTIONS BAG!!!

The Notions Bag Bandits.

The yarn stash ate it.  They await sentencing for Tampering with Owner’s Sanity.

Here’s a story:

In sixth grade, I was voted “Most Organized” which is….shocking.  (Well, I also won “Shortest” in the class…which is not so shocking.  Or important…)  But I honestly can’t remember ever losing my homework or having to ask my mom where my other sneaker was (which she would have promptly responded, “wherever you left it.”)  It was a friendlier existence, the time before the hostiles of my subconscious had to fight to keep up with the insanities of responsible adulthood.  Thankfully I have CourT, who is a natural taskmaster, motivator, inspirator (not a word?  is now.) and for that I am eternally grateful.  She should probably be put into a lab and studied to benefit all of mankind, but we are trying to open a shop here.

Cheers to The CourTney and finding stuff you thought someone had viciously stolen!