The Knitting Factory

Monday was a good night of combining the arts. The HB (husband, Brian) is in a fun, fantastic band called Leaf Pile. They played recently, at a bar called The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. They have always “included” me in the band by saying I play the needles. I am not musically inclined, whatsoever! But they always say I should sit on stage and knit leaves and them throw them into the audience. I always thought it would be fun, but it never seemed to fit. But Monday was my grand opening performance. I knitted while sitting on the stage at The Knitting Factory (it felt like a sign.)

After the show a few people asked what I was knitting and if I sold the stuff I knitted. So yay! Cross promoting! I will be knitting at every show in the future (if the band will have me, of course) and I decided to make business card buttons for our soon-to-be store and the band to hand out at shows…oh the ideas!

Check out the band at: and view the show below!

Watch live streaming video from theknitbrooklyn at