48 hours

It’s the weekend! 2 days, no plans and the HB is working; therefore 48 hours alone to craft. It’s like a race! I have so many things to try out, I don’t know where to start!


two-at-a-time sleeves

First, I would like to marathon the sleeves to my yellow sweater, two at a time. Any time I have to make two of something, whether it be socks, leg warmers, gloves, sleeves, two at a time is the way to go. For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, it’s working both the left and the right sleeve on one very long needle with two separate skeins of yarn. The benefit is when one is done, they are both done! And more importantly they are identical, without the guess work, or keeping track of 200+ rows.


silk scarves, soon to be buttons

Next, I want to work on my fabric buttons. I have a plan to make unique, one of a kind pins, that will look great on Tara’s bracelets she makes.

I also need to list a bunch of items for our site, coffeeandt.etsy.com.

And finally, I have a bunch of jewelry ideas and some sewing that I want to do.


button press, ready to go!

Ambitious? Maybe.  Wish me luck! Time to get started.