48 hours of distractions and a Flea Market?

My 48 hours are up. I was pretty successful, given the amount of tasks I gave myself. I did get a little sidetracked on Saturday and went to the Brooklyn Flea Market.


Mason Jars

Here’s my issue with the “flea markets” in the city. Now, let me preface this with the small fact that I grew up in Ohio. Flea markets in Ohio are great. They’re like huge treasure hunts. Nothing is organized and super pretty and boutique like. No. It’s like junk in boxes on tables in a town called Roger. Stuff is dirt cheap and you can find great treasures (or a bunch of junk.) They are fantastic. Now, the flea market in Brooklyn is very pretty and organized. The first thing I have learned to check when entering a new flea market is the price of mason jars. In the city, a mason jar is a “rare find” and “vintage” and worth $8!! Now, if I were to visit my friend Christine (in Ohio), who is living in her grandparents home, she could run down to her basement and pull out 12 mason jars from the jelly room, no problem. Do you think Ohioans could get away with selling mason jars for $8 in Ohio?? Hell no. So, keeping the $8 mason jar price point in mind, you can imagine how the rest of the “flea market” was priced.

This one vendor had some fantastic Ukuleles made of cigar boxes. I immediately went for the instrument thinking about a certain husband and what holiday would be coming up next. That is, until I saw the price point…. $200 to $400!!! Now, they were beautiful and a cool concept, but later, when I told the HB about my find, he told me (smirking at the $400 cigar box Uke) you could buy a professional Ukulele (yes, they exist) at that price. But what’s the fun in that. The cigar box one was cool.

So, this “flea market” was not a flea market at all, but an outdoor craft fair boutique. I would never go to a flea market and pay $40 for an old shirt. It’s just not the way I was raised. So, to all of my creative family and friends, save all of your mason jars and cigar boxes, I’m comin’ home to make items with you and then bringing them back to the city!


2-at-a-time sleeves


Back to the craft weekend. After about 26 hours of knitting (1/2 of season 2 of Fringe, part of season 1 of Breaking Bad), I ALMOST got my sleeves done. I have just about 24 rows of decreases to do on each.


And buttons! Oh wow. I will start by saying I occupied about 5 hours of my time making buttons. It was invigorating. I started off with the normal paper ones, then decided to experiment with the silk scarves. After some fooling around, that was quite successful. very very pretty.


Pinback buttons on CoffeeAndT.etsy.com

Then I had a thought…. Ribbon, Yarn, Thread!


Fabric Buttons!

I began to try to press everything! Some were very great while other ended up looking like spider legs… (which is very bad if you know my level of hate for spiders) You can check them all out in our store: CoffeeAndT.etsy.com

Then, I got sidetracked again. On Sunday, they had a yoga class in the park. The payment of the class was a donation to the park for planting flowers. I convinced my friend Kyle to go with me (even though he’s never tried yoga). Lucky for him there were lots of young ladies in the class, so everybody won.

The weekend was wrapped with a quick trip to the bar. The HB (who got home at a decent time from work) wanted to be social, but I explained to him that I needed to craft and finish my 48 hours. So we compromised by going to a bar with sufficient light, so I could knit. I started a new neck warmer (very masculine colors) so it could be the newest addition to the store. The beer smell is free, no additional cost. I wasn’t about to haul my merino wool sweater to the bar….that would just be crazy.

So, all in all, my 48 hours were eventful and full of craft. Hmm…what will next weekend hold?