Day 2: Junk, Pizza & Bier

By Tara & CourTney

$10 chairs

CourTney: Day 2 of Tara’s visit. The main adventure that I wanted to tackle on their visit was this random second hand store I past one evening while going to see the HB play in his band, LeafPile, at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. It was a really random shop with no sign and chairs sitting outside with $10 price tags. It could be a perfect store for an adventure…

As we (Mom, Lori, Tara and Brian) were leaving the apartment, Brian asked me the leaving the house checklist “sunglasses, yarn, keys, money?”  Yes.  Yarn is more important than keys and money, but without sunglasses, I won’t be able to keep knitting until I’m 102.  Gotta protect the eyes!  So, we hopped the train and started the journey.



Best Slice in NYC!

Tara: I would like to briefly interject here and talk to you about pizza. CourT mentioned earlier that we went to Brooklyn, right? Well what is a visit to Brooklyn without a slice of thin crust? To all of my Ohio friends who think Hungry Howies is the best, you are wrong. See picture below…I know what I’m talking about here. Thin crust, chunky tomato sauce, huge slices of fresh mozzarella…put on your slouchy hats and ray bans and get yourself to Brooklyn!

Brian & CourT being Lost


CourTney at JUNK

CourTney: After pizza, our mission…..finding the secondhand store.  As you travel through the city, you always see places and think, “I should come back here sometime.”  And everytime, you think your memory will serve you well, but mine just never quite does.  I guess that’s why they invented 4 square. So, even though I found this place alone, my HB was the one that knew where it was.  He is good at just knowing everything!

So we found it, with it’s fitting name: JUNK.  My mom went through the store saying, “Oh man!  We have a whole garage of this and of that.”  But Tara and I found the jackpot…




Button Table at JUNK



Tara picking buttons



Even though it was super hard not to buy every button I touched, I picked 4.  At 25 cents a button, I could sell my stash and make a LOT of money!  But then, I wouldn’t have a stash…






Biergarten & Knitting

After a long day of walking, what could be better than a little R&R with some knitting and a cold beer? On the bottom floor of CourT’s apartment there is a bar with over a hundred different beer taps. CourT suggested I try one called Krusovice. It. Was. Awesome. A little coffee-like stout, but smooth and not bitter. After ordering, I pulled out some socks I was just beginning the pair for and CourT pulled out her chunky cowl and we got to chatting, sipping and knitting. We got a few odd looks while we sat at the bar but overall people looked upon us with interest. One guy even said to me in his Staten Island accent, “I’d have that thing in knots!” Upon which I said, “aw, it isn’t so bad!”After about an hour, CourT had almost all of her cowl finished and I barely had the top ribbing completed, but that’s just how how the old knitting sticks click.

More to come!