Day 3: Button Pairings & Pancakes

By CourTney & Tara

CourTney: Cowl Mania. AGAIN. I don’t joke. I finished 2 more today! I can’t stop. I have to put the knitting needles down but I can’t…


The Yellow Cowl

It’s a good cowl though. I wanted to stripe it but didn’t want it to be too stripey. I wanted it to seem random, but trying to be random is very difficult. So Tara taught us all about the Fibonacci sequence. It’s a natural way to create a random look, but it’s completely not random. In knitting, you start with 1. Then add 1+1=2. then add 1+2=3, then add 2+3=5, then 3+5= 8, etc. etc. etc. Mathematical randomness.

The cowl is in a golden rod and silver grey. Very pretty. It will be listed in our store, soon!



Mismatched Buttons

Tara: CourT and I had been trying to figure out what we should do about selling the buttons we pressed last time she was in Ohio. Should we sell them as sets of three? Should they be cohesive or random? What will we do for photos in our listings? It may have taken us a few weeks, a chat with Brian, and a few of the Brownstone Diner’s Honkey Tonkin Pancakes, but we finally made some decisions!

Right at the table we assembled the sets into groups of three. I managed to snag a few really, really beautiful ones I had fallen in love with to wear as necklaces, (for advertising purposes, of course.) Tiffin tried to put the couple I set aside into a set and she might have lost a finger for it, I don’t know. I blacked out.


Matched Buttons!



CourTney: But now we have a plan! (And everyone still has their fingers) Check out to grab a set for yourself! They really are beautiful and three different necklaces for $5! You can’t beat that.




So an exciting update at Coffee & T! I’ve been checking out our visitors and we’ve had visitors from Brazil and Canada, along with a whole bunch of US states!

Along with that, we can see what people search for to get to our store. Tara and I’s top favorites:

1. 1959 Nancy Drew books
2. berties closet coupon

Weird how the internet works.

Tara: Yeah, when I’m lying awake at night I think about all these people who are visiting our store and I imagine them saying how much they love our items in their accents. For example, in Canada: “no doot aboot it, that’s a nifty cowl, Eh? or Texas: “well golllllly! That’s a real purrrrrrrdy shop ya’ll got there!” or my favorite, Jersey: “yous got scaaaaves! I loves scaaaaaaves!!!”

So now I’m back in Ohio, and I have to say…I’m not too excited about it and I don’t think CourTney is either. I’ve abandoned her to do a TON of work for the store alone…photos, listings, shipping, store labels, finishing needle cases, and…it’s a lot for two people, let alone one with a full time job. It’s always so tough to leave her and especially when we have so much to do. Perhaps a relocation is in order?……hmmmmm…