Birthdays & Ribbon Cuttings

Lion Brand Outlet Store

September 6th is my birthday and because Lion Brand (a yarn company since 1878) must have known this, they had the ribbon cutting of their newest store ON MY BIRTHDAY.

The Lion Brand Outlet opened its doors yesterday.

For a knitter, this is a fantastic birthday present! Oh the joys of rummaging through fibers and getting soft yarns for gifts….
Christmas is coming you know!  That means I have a lot of knitting to do from now until December 24th!  Maybe this year, I won’t be knitting until the night before…

"Hold a dollar" for a quick measure

ANYWAYS, as a  good husband does, Brian drove me to the yarn store yesterday, and went shopping with me.  On the way there, I was knitting a new hat.  I only needed to knit 5.5 inches, but I forgot all of my measuring tools.  I asked Brian if I could hold a dollar.  I divided the dollar into 12 sections and viola! I now have a 6 inch ruler, divided into 1/2 inch sections.  Darn….about an inch more to go….

So we get to the parking lot, 10 minutes before they open.  Did I want to be THAT shopper?  The one that stands with their nose pressed to the glass, “tap tap tap,”  “let me in!!”

No.  I’m a classy shopper.  I will wait for the older woman who can barely make it up the stairs  to go first, then I can swoop in and be like, oh, I thought you were open?

So, I watch for that woman to show…(COME ON, it’s a yarn store.  This should be a normal occurrence.)  And it was….

So we made it into the store, watched the ribbon cutting and began the hunt!

Get ALL of the yarn!

All of the yarns are sold in three packs.  Oh darn.  You want one black skein?  Guess you have to add THREE to your stash.

So I started just doing a lot of walking around, eying up colors here and there.  Then finally Brian, “get it all!!” and with that, we started adding yarn to our cart.


The outlet store offers great prices for yarn that they sell in their NYC store along with craft stores such as JoAnn Fabrics, AC Moore, PatCatans, Micheal’s, Walmart, etc.

Brian ordering me to pick out more yarn!

The main lines they carry at the outlet are Homespun, Cupcake, Vanna’s Choice, Lion Wool, MicroSpun, and Fun Fur.  I like to use Vanna’s Choice when making heavily used accessories, but some of the other yarns are not all of my favorites.  I would have loved to see Wool-ease, Recycled Cotton and Fisherman’s Wool. The good part is, these yarns are offered at about a 50% discount!  Who doesn’t love a discount!

They also sell all of the Lion Brand Collection yarns, such as Baby Alpaca (my all-time favorite from their collection!) Superwash Merino, Cashmere, and more.  These yarns are not offered at the discounted rate, however.

The store itself is adorable!  They have 3 or 4 window displays that are all knit, crocheted  and felted.  They might be old window displays from the NYC store.  I always hoped they did something with those, because they are always beautiful!

I really WANT to knit this pillow thing!

Finally, there are computers offered so you can check out the Lion Brand Collection of patterns.  They also have a great sitting room, where you can go after to sit and knit and enjoy your purchases.

Brian and I checked out and carried our three new bags of yarn out the door.  Brian said ” I am disappointed this is all you got!”  He was sad I only bought 38 skeins of yarn!  How great is that.

It was a great birthday!  Thank you Lion Brand for making it that much better!