Zombie Photoshoot and our Black Friday Sale!!!

If we haven’t announced it yet, we are RE-announcing it now.  On Black Friday, the day AFTER Thanksgiving, our store Coffee & T, will be participating in the “Home-Made Black Friday Sale.”

If you click on the button on the right, you can get more details about all of the vendors participating.  There will be deals, door prizes and more!  Sorry, can’t give away details until the night before.  Gotta keep some of the surprise/excitement.

So, Tara and I got together for a photo shoot of all of our new additions to the store.   You can check out our store to see the final results.  As Brian was taking the photos, it started to turn into a Zombie shoot….


You ask…What?  I know, because I did..

And the final result….


So MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT our Black Friday Sale!  And please spread the word.  There are a lot of fantastic crafters out there who just want to share their gifts with you.  And won’t you be the cool one on Christmas morning with all of your unique gift giving??