Leftover Halloween Candy Ice Cream

My favorite part of Halloween, are the day after candy sales.  It’s the same candy they have all year, but because of the Halloween print on the packaging, they sell it for next to nothing.  This year, Brian did the day after shopping trip.  He got a big bag of butterfingers.

This year, instead of eating entire bags of candy, I’m making ice cream with the extra bars.

The base ice cream is your average vanilla custard.  Eggs, heavy cream, half and half, sugar, salt and vanilla.

While the ice cream is cooking on the stove top, i unwrapped the candy.  For most of it, i tossed it in my food processor.  But, the best part of eating any candy bar ice cream, is to find a big chunk of.the bar, in tact.  The food processor destroyed most of the butterfingers to a powder, so for good measure, i cut up a handful of the candies with a knife and left the pieces a little larger.  After a few hours of leaving the cream base to chill, I put the mixture into the freezer bowl and add the candy.

Eat it up!