I got 99 problems, but a Stitch ain’t one.

Along with the wonderful feelings the Holiday’s bring, they also bring the not so great: Stress, Dealines, Travel, Expenses….

This past month has been very stressful.  So much to the point, I can’t even BELIEVE that Christmas is one week away.  I’m actually in shock.  It’s so much to the point, that I have been craving for Christmas Spirit to be dumped on me by the truck load.  I went into Home Depot and started jumping up and down with excitement that there was Christmas music playing in the store.

Karma the cat helping me knit

Karma the cat helping me knit

Normally, by this time of year, I have all of my Christmas shopping completed and I’m just trying to figure out my signature packaging for the year.  I have gone to every store in the neighborhood, I have made Christmas cookies, I have sent out cards and decorated my home.

But no.  Not this time.  This year, I spent my normal start of the shopping season prepping for our store’s (Coffee & T) Black Friday Sale.  It was great but left us with a lot of custom orders to fill.  Then we decided to move and had to go apartment shopping every day and measure and fill fill out offers and hold our breath with our fingers crossed.  Then I got really sick and was out of commission for a week and a half.  Then a friend of mine was having a stressful life changing moment that I wanted to help her through.  Then a family emergency with a lot of talk about surgery and traveling to be there for the family.

So now, that leads me to today.  One week before Christmas.  And guess what, knitting is still my sanctuary.  Normally, I get a lot of TV watching in while I knit away, but lately I’ve been enjoying the quiet that comes with our apartment and knitting in silence.  I was able to spend a lovely Sunday by a Christmas tree (that wasn’t mine, but was very pretty…and REAL!) with friends and fellow knitters.  These are the moments that I crave in this hectic schedule.

I do still have a lot of gifts to complete, but I’m not going to stress.  Luckily – the stress is all working itself out, as it does in life.  As for the gifts, my hope is that people appreciate the time that is spent on a hand made gift and won’t mind if I’m still knitting it Christmas Eve..

Some days, work sucks.  Right?  We all agree….Don’t lie.  Deadlines, pressure, stress.  Nothing good.  Life too.  It can get crazy, hectic and stressful.

BUT, knitting?  Relaxing? Drinking chai tea and red wine?  The complete opposite. Wonderful, fun, tasty and (for now) stress free.  I highly suggest it to anyone looking to pick up a new hobby.  A friend of mine, who just completed her very first knitted item, said she can’t wait to start a second!

(WARNING: knitting may cause relaxation, but severe addiction to fiber shopping and pattern collecting.)