Yep, Another Addiction

Bluefaced Leicester- what's on my spindle

If you would have asked me what my favorite animal was when I was a child, it would have been a T-Rex, pterodactyl, or maybe a dog. Today, however, I worship the fleece beasts. I’m not even a “farm-y” kind of person, although I grew up around them and most of my friends were in 4-H…but there is something I now find brilliant in their dirty little locks that make me want to throw $20’s at ‘em.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had only purchased commercially made yarns. The most yarn preparations I did was Kool-Aid dying, and even that was limited to the flavors available after the children picked over all the cool colors.

I now consider myself to be falling down the rabbit hole into an all-out fiber-induced anarchy.

A few weeks ago I expressed a desire to learn to spin. (Handspinning yarn, that is. Not the biking exercise where you work really hard but don’t actually get anywhere.) I ordered a spindle and some fiber from two different stores on Etsy. The fiber shipped incredibly quickly, but all I could do was look at it because I had no spindle.

Hand dyed Bluefaced Leicester Superwash from Fibers to Yarns on Etsy

The fiber was absolutely beautifully dyed and did not deserve to sit there like a bump in a bag (pun intended), while I waited for the spindle to arrive.

"All I need is a pencil, some cardboard, a paperclip, pennies, and some tape."

I became very antsy to start spinning the fiber, and so I MacGyver’d a spindle out of a pencil, a paperclip, some cardboard, a couple pennies, and some scotch tape. It was…um, it didn’t work too well. But that fiber felt oh-so-good in my hot little hands…

When the “official” hand spindle arrived, I’m fairly certain I could not see past the dangerous levels of serotonin and dopamine, because my first attempts at spinning were…not so fantastic.

Just as I was becoming frustrated, I get a surprise in the mail from my fiber godmother, Mrs. CourTney L. Yost.

Bible for Spinners

The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook is a Bible for handspinners. Although CourT hasn’t started spinning yet (with the move, and other business leaving her ZERO time), somehow she knew that it is the most coveted book to have in a fiber artist’s collection. How DOES she know these things?! I digress…

Fast forward to today, and I’ve almost spun up my original 4 oz of Bluefaced Leicester superwash from Fibers to Yarns (Link to Etsy store here– highly recommend her fiber and she’s really nice, too!). I must say, I’ve gotten much better, don’t you think?

Mine on the right compared to the book.

I still haven’t plyed the singles (plying= putting two strings of your spun up yarn together into one, stronger yarn), as some equipment is needed to make an easier go of it. But soon, I will have my very own hand spun yarn. Tell me what ya think of that, crafty friends!!?

All that remains