Hm, a Craft Sabbatical, huh?

According to, a sabbatical is any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc…… That sounds fantastic. So why the heck am I not already doing this thing you call “Sabbatical”????

Well bear with me as I think this through.

I’m pretty sure guilt would be involved. My knitting is like a spouse. It would not be happy if I found another love. In fact, I would consider sleeping with one eye open for fear of the kamikaze needle.

And knitting has treated me pretty well over the years. I’m happy with what’s on the needles right now; I’m working on a really fun gradient dyed Spectra Shawl,

Spectra Shawl Color Gradiation

an asymmetrical cardigan called the Lauren Jacket (That only needs one sleeve!!!), and some self-striping socks dyed in Zombie colors (and one is already done!) That’s not including the massive bin of UFO’s that taunt me in various stages of completion (but I FULLY intend on completing them.)

Zombie Sock HO (Half Object)

Oh, and have I mentioned I start my new full time job on Monday? And this job is something I want to be really good at, which means lots of homework and attention. So, I have no idea where I will find this Time; but this Time, it will be found. I’ll have to get creative. For example, perhaps my patients would find it calming and therapeutic to learn needlework, so I’d really just be doing my job…?

With that said, heck, I am totally in. I’m not one to be a monogamous crafter. I’ve had a wandering eye (as you may ascertain by my last blog about learning to hand spin), making the infamous yarn ball wreath, dabbling in the paper crafts here-and-there, making our CoffeeAndT business cards and gift tags. But what really sunk the monogamy ship was CourTney; with a wave of her handmade wand and a seductive bIog post, I find myself joining in her plans of Craft Sabbatical 2012. I blame that pesky Pinterest and her robust family of Master Enablers… (Yeah, Grandma Fran, I’m talking about you…) for her unstoppable powers of lure. Dang it.

Apologies in advance to my day planner.