Easter Sushi and Colored Eggs

Being far away from families is hard on the holidays. For my family, Easter is my favorite. Not necessarily for the religious part, but for the family part. Our family isn’t too large, but sometimes its hard to get us all together. But everyone makes it for Easter. It’s also a big weekend for celebrating birthdays. Lots of Spring-time babies.

Needless to say, I was sad that Brian and I couldn’t make it home this year. So, we decided to have Easter fun of our own. We dyed Easter Eggs, made Banana Puddin’ Pie and made Sushi!

Hand Dyed Easter Eggs!
Shopping List:
1 dozen eggs, hard boiled.
rubber bands
painter’s tape
wire to bend into an egg dipper

I rounded up some of my lady friends in the areas and we decided to dye some eggs.

Easter Egg Dye:
1 cup boiling water
1 tsp. Vinegar
20 drops of dye

There are many ways to make an awesome Easter Egg.

You can draw on them with crayons first…

You can rubber band them, to keep some white…

You can add oil to marble the coloring…

No matter what you create, just have fun!

This egg was my favorite. It was rubber banded; dipped into teal twice (for different lengths of time) and purple; and mixed in with oil to cause the marbled effect.

All of our completed eggs! Many styles, all fun and yummy.

A Family Tradition: To open your easter egg, you must sneak up behind them and crack it on their head! (The HB seems to disapprove of this tradtion….Maybe because I’m just sneakier than him)

Banana Puddin’ Pie!

A special HB deserves his favorite dessert on Easter! A super simple homemade banana puddin’ pie, from scratch! You COULD cheat and sub out the homemade custard for a box of pudding mix….IF YOU ARE LAZY…Just kidding!! I love boxed pudding, but I had some ingredients to use up.

I got this recipe off the side of a ‘Nila Wafer Box, but it’s good. Just be sure to eat it quick! Banana pudding gets gross if it sits for more than an evening, in my opinion…

Puddin’ Pie Ingredients:
eggs separated
3-4 bananas
1/2 box of ‘Nila Wafers

In a double boiler (I just set a glass bowl on top of a sauce pan) make the custard.

Cut up your bananas and get out the ‘Nila Wafers. Starting with the custard, layer: custard, bananas, wafers. End with the custard.

Then whip the egg whites with sugar. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A STAND MIXER: don’t kill yourself…make whipped cream instead….It’s not worth it, I promise!!

Whipped Cream:
1 cup of Heavy cream
A couple tps of Sugar
a splash of vanilla

If you made the Meringue, then bake it at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, until brown on top. Then EAT IT!!

Easter Sushi!!
Useful things to have:
sushi rice
seaweed or soy wrapers
bamboo mat
cup of water
cut up veggies (cucumber, carrots, avocado, scallions, etc.)
raw shrimp
tempura batter
sesame seeds

The HB made a tempura batter, butterflied the shrimp, then fried them in some super hot oil.

You can use anything you like to eat, in your sushi. We used cucmber, carrots, avocado, scallions…

Now – I’m no expert. If you want to learn to roll the suchi the best, you got to goggle you-tube and watch the pros… I will tell you it’s a LOT OF FUN! Layer it up…

And give it a roll…

Slice it up! For even slices, cut it in half, put the two halves next to each other and slice it into thirds.

Honestly, I would use a little less rice and roll it tighter, but it’s very pretty!

Presentation People! That’s what wins over your adience when the details of the meal aren’t 100%….At least I like to think so…

Hope you all had a great Easter, whether you went to church, had a great meal, went on a Easter Egg hunt, or made sushi!