Meringues for Mom!

This past weekend was my Mom’s 50th birthday. My brother initiated conversations to throw her a big party and my grandma executed the plans. I live out of town, so I couldn’t do a whole lot from far away, but one thing I COULD do, was make her favorite cookie….a Meringue.

I’m a new subscriber to Martha Stewart’s magazine: Living. I love it. Everything is so pretty and colorful and delicious sounding. I get so excited when the newest magazine comes in the mail! I also have the iPad version. Now, on the cover of last month’s magazine, were a beautiful set of homemade meringue cookies. The iPad version of the magazine starts with a video of someone simply wipping up a quick batch of cookies….they made it look SO SIMPLE, even I COULD DO IT…

So, now I’m sold on how to do it and where to get the recipe from….Now it’s all in the execution…

Because this was a new recipe, I decided to make a test batch and spring it on my co-workers.

ROUND ONE: Orange Meringues

I bowled my egg whites, scraped vanilla bean,sugar and gave them a small whisk.

Over a double boiler, i continued whisking until the sugar was dissolved.

Then I tossed all of that into my handy-dandy kitchen aid stand mixer and whipped it up! Martha Stewart’s recipe called for food coloring paste to add the stripes….I don’t have anything quite that fancy, so I just added food dye for an overall color change.

food coloring:
1 drop red to 3 drops yellow.

The next thing Martha calls for, that I’m just not fancy enough to own…pastry or frosting bags. BUT I do own very large ziploc bags!

I DQ-ed a small pile of meringue over the cookie sheet and stuck it in the oven at 200 degrees for a good 1.25 hours.

I excitedly removed them from the oven, to find that they had all CRACKED!!

DELICIOUS none the less, but just not right…These cookies are NOT to look like Egg White Sliders!

I set aside another 6 eggs…enough for two more experimental batches. I WILL BEAT YOU MARTHA.

ROUND 2: Orange Meringues take 2

I whisked…

I beat…

I baked…


ROUND 3: Green Tea Meringues

LAST CHANCE CourTney! Don’t SCREW it up…. Martha would do better…

I decided I couldn’t look at another Orange Meringue. My mom bought me a box of Matcha Green Tea powder to make ice cream with, so I thought this would be delicious in a meringue.

I added the match powder…and whisked…

AND Beat…


But what the Hell is up with that texture? I added the green tea powder and it KILLED my SHEEN.

3 rounds…..3 tries….3 fails.

BUT – I got to give my mom A TON OF COOKIES! And they may not have looked as perfect as Martha’s but they probably tasted better….yea,….so, Martha, I’m gonna call it even. We both won this round.

Maybe I should go back to making creme brulee. (If you don’t understand the sarcasm of this statement, you should check out: Creme Brûlée & Great Balls of Fire!)