Craft Room Overhaul

I’ve been talking and talking about Crafting this and Crafting that. We moved into a two bedroom apartment, so I could do just that!

(Actually the HB seems to want to call it the office...I tend to only refer to it as the craft room….you know.)

To start this adventure, I get the necessities together:

Music and some secret energy.

Apple biscuit cookies and coffee, while listening to Air. Perfect.

The good thing about the craft room is
1. I have a lot of space to work with, for an apartment.
2. I’m only sharing the room with computers.
3. There is an entire wall unit of shelving!

Luckily, I am starting with the advantage of being a storage container pack-rat. I may not store every newspaper I’ve ever read, but you better believe that I never throw out a great jar, sturdy shoe box or plastic container! Also, I have a random assortment of baskets made available to me. Do you believe people just toss these things?? (I got them before the trash toss, so don’t worry – People just give them to me because they know my storage obsession…)

Also – Left over Easter baskets are great for sorting items in craft rooms!

STORAGE TIP: Buy a piece of peg board from your local lumber store to use as the wall behind your desk. As crafters, we have a lot of tools, and life is a little easier if we can see what we are working with. I painted my peg board and hung it behind my desk, then screwed in small shelves, pen holders, hooks, and magnetic strips to the peg board. Now I can constantly move things around, without destroying my wonderful drywall.

I started with my favorite items. Buttons. I bought tea bag containers I found at Ikea. They come with clear moveable separators and make great button containers. They are sturdy with detachable lids.

As I’ve collected my buttons over the years, I already washed and sorted them by color, so now I just rip open all my baggies and fill up the appropriate containers. Now they are so much easier to see and sort through, instead of the 15 plastic baggies.

As I’m pulling everything into piles, I found thread in about 15 different places. Then I remembered that Mama got me a great thread container for Christmas a couple years back, so I moved all of it to one collective location.

STORAGE TIP: Using a leftover spice container space saver, I was able to keep all of my extra thread and wire in one easy to access location. ps – Now the HB knows where he can find a needle and thread to fix his constantly ripping pants.

As I look around at my crafts, completely covering the office floor and slowly sneaking into the living room, I’m amazed at the amount of items I’ve procured over the years. I could almost do any craft you wanted, just by opening my closet…

…Maybe that means I should start doing even more crafts!


Next I find 3 different baskets of Indian glass seed beads. During a previous crafting adventure with my good friend Yeon, Craft Sabbatical: Hair Pins, she suggested I put all of my beads in containers and tape a single bead to the lid of each container so I can know what I have with just a quick glance. Smart. TIME consuming, but well worth it.

STORAGE TIP: Old film containers (if you can still find them these days) work great to hold Indian beads, sequins and other small treasures. Just tape a single bead to the top so you know what’s what….Without ripping everything apart.

To hang other random sets of scissors, rulers, hot glue gun and more, I used the 3M Command hooks. They are great for hanging something quick without destroying your walls. Whenever you decide to move your room around (Please – you know you will rearrange) the hooks just pull right off without damaging your walls or paint.

So – my goal of the day was to keep my working space as clear as possible. If my workspace is clear, then I’m more motivated to try out a new craft at the flip of a hat! My craft room is organized and ready to craft!