Iceland awaits… judging my yarn.

I’m going to Iceland with the HB in about a week. I’m super excited. I’ve always wanted to see puffins, icebergs, black sand beaches and “landscapes that you only dream about” according to Rick Steves.

Brian insisted that I need to pack some sensible items in order to have a fun time. Items such as boots and a jacket to keep me dry. I was thinking about sensible items such as which needles, which yarn, which buttons but what DO I know…

“Listen,” I say to him. “I don’t own ugly hiking boots and I never will. Rain coats are just as bad.” He put his foot down and said that I would be wet and whiny on the trip if I didn’t get them before we left. And folks, lets face facts, he’s right. I would be wet (icebergs and all) and that would make me whine.

So I decided to hit the town, taking mom with me, to find some sensible – yet adorable – boots. Success! Leather. Waterproof. Floral Print. Ribbon Laces!

We stopped for brunch at Barolo Ristorante. It looked like a simple restaurant that ended up having a huge garden in the back AND it was restaurant week! That means 3 courses for the price of one! Can you believe some people leave their dessert behind? Mom said “We aren’t getting up from this table until the dessert is gone!” I don’t remember hearing that as a kid…

We stopped at a third store and found a sports rain coat that looks like a cute trench coat.

So, now I have all of my HB approved supplies, time to pack what I want to pack.

I got a new lens for my camera, so I’m ready to take pretty pictures. I went for the Canon EF 35mm f/2.0 with the hope of capturing some good landscapes.

Now the knitting. I’m racking my brain. What the heck do I bring to knit in a country full of amazing yarn and knitting?? I feel like it needs to be portable, something I want to cherish forever, something that isn’t too quick or too time consuming….

I really don’t know. I’ve spend approximately 73 hours on just staring at my yarn collection and thinking about the 1,000s of possibilities.

I could do socks. small. portable. personal.

I could do a sweater. not small. somewhat portable. long lasting. very personal.

I have now spun all of my thoughts into a bundle of confusion and lost thoughts….if only I could spin that into yarn.

During the past weekend, Tara and Mom came to visit again. The HB was on his last leg of his ramble so we had the house to ourselves again. We hit up the yarn shops again. We headed over to Down Cellar, in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. It’s a very fun store to squish a lot of fiber. The have room after room of yarns, patterns and buttons.

I managed to find the sale room….what a shocker.

A knitter’s husband walked into the sales room with his wife and said “what a mess – is this even fun?” No Dude – Not fun at all, you should probably leave so I can keep digging through the fabulous fiber without you staring at me like a crazy person.

After Mom and I forced Tara into some very difficult decision making, we went to the check out. The lovely woman behind the counter, Jean, told Tara the best news she heard all day! DOUBLE sale! All the sale yarn was on a secret EXTRA sale! Just no going back up for more! Fair is fair! That sale is currently over, I promised that mums the word. BUT they always have great yarns and great deals!

So now I have more yarns, more inspirations and more confusion. I need a plan! For now…A beer will have to do. I will take any thoughts or suggestions you want to leave me!