The End of Barley’s Icelandic Chronicles: Part 5


Hallo’ All – Barley here

Day 7
We packed up the car and left Grundarfjörður and headed towards Reykjavík. We made a pit stop in the town Stykkishólmur to get some danishes and coffee for the humans. I requested a field but no one was listening.


We climbed high up a hill in the car to get to this church, a very modern looking piece of architecture in the middle of a little fishing town.

We made it to Reykjavík before the evening and the human made food out of the random leftovers from previous grocery store runs. Where are the greens, am I right?

We decided to take a walk and check out the town. We haven’t seen many owners to all these humans, besides the sheep, horses and cows. (Us sheep run this joint.) But then a cat came chasing after us and walked for a while down the sidewalk with us.


We found a sheep clothing store that the human girl got super excited about. She bought out half the store, then spent the rest of the night knitting and watching Icelandic music on the telly.


Day 8

What a relaxing but busy day! We headed out to town again to check out the stores that were closed the night before. We saw lots of birds. I wanted to chase them but the humans wouldn’t let me out of their pockets!

We got back in the car and headed out of town for a day trip to the Blue Lagoon, another place for me to wait around (not inside!) while they enjoyed.

It’s a geothermal spa in the middle of molten rock fields. It was a beautiful blue on the backdrop of lava rock. The contrast was stunning. But way too hot and salty for me! We’re talking 107-109° F!


That night, we all went out for a fancy dinner in town. We spent the whole trip wanting to see Puffins, but only saw one randomly flying in the air, so the human man ordered one off the menu so he could finally see it. Then he ate it! I better watch my stuffing!


Day 9

Our last day in Iceland! A final day of R&R before heading home to the noisy city of lights. The human guy made lunch for them.

Next stop, the flea market! I don’t know why anyone would want to buy fleas, when I could get them for free!


The market was crazy and full of intense shoppers. It was similar to a flea market, with vendors selling clothing and junk, in the US. But they ALSO sold meat. HORSE MEAT….I couldn’t go in the back room, it made me too sad. The human girl teared up with me and we went to look at leggings instead.

We found the tallest building in Iceland, which happened to be another church, in the town center. We paid a small fee and went up the bell tower for a nice view of the city.
It was even prettier in the evening light.

We went to a coffee shop next, called Cafe Babalu. It was a super cute, eclectic shop, so I could sit and knit with the girl.

We ended our night with a trip to Harpa, the newly built concert hall on the water. There was a free contemporary classical concert. It was lovely and sounded like a dramatic movie score.


Day 10

We got up early and packed. Then headed out for the airport to fly home. The trip was wonderful and relaxing. I don’t know if I’m necessarily ready to head home, but at least I got to come and see the wonderful country!