It’s my party and I’ll blow cocoa all over everyone if I want to!

So – Tiramisu – not the best birthday candle cake I could have picked, but still delicious!


The HB and Kaitlyn threw me a board game birthday party this year, for the last birthday of the 20’s. And Tara drove up to join! I love to play games, eat sweet foods and drink sangria, so what better way to spend the day! We played Sweet Valley High (the board game) until wee hours of the night.

Let’s start at the beginning. (INSERT time warp music with ripple visual effect HERE.)

The Yarn

A cute new Jersey City yarn shop, 2 Stix & a String had its grand opening party on my birthday. September is a surprisingly popular month to open a yarn store. Check out last years birthday: Birthdays & Ribbon Cuttings.

2 Stix & a String is a simple yet cute store. The shop is one room but full of treasures. It has a large table in the center and the walls are filled head to toe with yarn cubbyholes. Karen, the owner, and her daughter Taylor (her site: Inspirational Junk) were there together on opening night. Taylor told me they are offering knitting AND non-knitting yarn art classes soon, so we may check it out!

I bought some nice squishy yarn in a grey rainbow colorway and we went on our way.

Our next stop was a second yarn store grand opening in Hoboken: Do Ewe Knit?

This shop is a great size. It’s two stories: the top level for classroom space and the bottom a cozy yarn nook. The owner, also Karen, was super friendly and made sure you found what you were looking for, even if it takes you out of her store. It makes you want to buy more yarn to help support her store!

So, like I said: Great YARN Birthday weekend.

The Board Game Birthday Party Sweets

I love to bake and the HB loves to cook. So he proceeded to cook the food for the night (along with other great friends), while I pondered my birthday cake.

I’m not a huge fan of actual cake, so I decided on Tiramisu, one of my favorite desserts – and butterscotch raspberry ice cream.


2 cups hot espresso
6 TBS brandy
1TBS sugar + 1/2 cup sugar
18 ladyfinger cookies (long buttercookie type cookies?)
1/2 cup milk
15 oz Ricotta Cheese
3/4 cup heavy cream
cocoa powder (to sprinkle on top)

– mix espresso, brandy and TBS of sugar and let cool to room temp.
– mix sugar, and milk until sugar is dissolved. Mix in ricotta.
– whip heavy cream until it peaks. Fold into milk mixture.
– dip and soak cookies in brandy mixture, lay in final pan.
– pour mixture over cookies.
– repeat, ending with ricotta mixture.
– fridge it – best results – 24 hours, so it actually sets.
– sprinkle with cocoa powder, serve and devour!

But as usual, nothing can go simple and right in the Yost house. I bought all of my ingredients for my desserts a handful of days early. No procrastination here!

I pulled out all of the ingredients and realized I forgot the most important one: Mascarpone – the centerpiece to Tiramisu.

The HB ran to four different stores with no luck, so he got ricotta cheese instead. PS – This ended up being a MUCH cheaper alternative and the dessert still came out great. Just toss it in the blender to smooth out the chunks.

I couldn’t find true lady finger cookies – the kind that are light, brittle and coated in sugar, but I found a lady finger shaped butter cookie. They just needed soaked in the brandy mixture a little extra – Darn.

So long story short, after substituting everything that makes Tiramisu a true Italian delight, you get Tirami-CourT. My neighbor coined it Tirami-CourT – since it’s “CourT’s birthday, not Sue’s!”


Butterscotch and Raspberry Ice Cream Vodka Shots

Of course I make the usual vanilla custard base, which is about 8 egg yokes. I don’t Yoke around! Then, while freezing the base in your amazing freezer bowl, just add butterscotch chips and raspberries and cinnamon.

However – it wouldn’t be a CourTney story if there wasn’t a fail. The ice cream didn’t freeze in time. But I had worked so hard for my birthday so to hell with it.

We poured the melted ice cream over vodka, into shot glasses. Talk about the best shot you will EVER have!



Happy Birthday to all my September birthday friends (including Tara – wish her a happy birthday!!)