A Perfect Fall Day: fleas and carvings.

The HB’s parents came to visit for a nice weekend before Halloween. They got into town just in time to stay for a day or two before the hurricane came. (They made it out before though. phew!)

We found a large flea market to take them to, outside a huge sports complex in Jersey. First off, I had no idea this existed so I am stoked to have a non-overpriced flea market so close to home!

This one had a lot of great stuff. There was a fantastic, great quality, older dresser there – all wood, no IKEA non-sense – $25!

The HB sweetly said “Where are three possible places you would put this in our apartment?” (trying to reason with me sweetly that we have NO MORE room.) I think, “Why three? I’m only buying one dresser!”

“What would you put in it??” says the HB. Mom chimes in on this one “Yarn!” I smile at how well his family understands my needs.

“How would we get it home,” he finally asks. I realize now, he has got me. I tried to talk my father-in-law to attach it to the roof of his car….but it didn’t work out.

We continue on.

There are two types of flea market tables. The retailer – The type that have everything laid out nice and neat, so you can quickly glance across to see what they have to offer. I feel that this is too efficient for flea markets. I can very quickly glance over the table and think you have nothing that sparks my interest. I’m more of a treasure hunter. The HUNT is the thrill…

The second type: The hoarder – junk everywhere! Just neat enough to roughly guess what you are getting into – but you still have to dig “for the good stuff.

Though I love to dig, I do hate when things lay there without prices.

I know the drill.

The seller gauges their shopper by his or her looks and level of interest – then makes up a price, based on their analysis. I hate that. It’s very passive agressive. I like the more straight forward approach. When I see something good, I want to get excited about it, grab it, jump up and down, and happily give the seller my $2!!

But no – you have to also play the game. I nonchalantly look around the table like nothing in the world really interests me. Then I randomly pick up an item and ask “how much for this piece of junk?” and then shrug like I don’t care. About the third price check I ask for is the item that I’m truly interested in. By that time, the seller is worn down, thinking I am a cheapskate or I’m not really going to buy anything. Then I dig around in my wallet and give them the amount with an undefeated smile!

Normally most would probably say – “Aren’t you going to bargain down??” Nah. If it’s cheap enough that I’m excited about it, then I pay up. These people work hard for a living and deserve a little money too.

So a good time was had by all. We got a couple of small goodies (no dresser…) and headed home to carve pumpkins.

Brian’s parents chose the perfectly formed pumpkin. Ideal for the perfect symmetrical carving face.

For us, Brian chose the most lopsided awkward pumpkin I’ve ever seen. I thought he looked like Elvis. He was perfect.

We cut and de-gutted and carved and detailed our pumpkins. They are a perfect set.

Here is what it looks like from inside the pumpkin!

Happy belated Halloween!!