Go HANDMADE on Black Friday!

This will be the second year owning the Etsy store, Coffee & T, over the Black Friday holiday. Last year, Tara and I worked really hard on an entire online campaign, complete with end-of-the-day give-aways.

This year, we put all of our knitted-eggs into one craft-fair-basket. However, Hurricane Sandy took away the venue and canceled the fair. I feel horrible for the venue and horrible for my HB who is walking around piles of knitted goods that I have been hoarding all over our small city apartment.

I thought I was doing great – I spent the past two months stock piling for our first craft show. I even commissioned family members to make other small items to help fill the booth with a larger variety of handmade things.

But now, it’s time to stop complaining and do something about the mountains of homemade gifts all around and get them online to be seen!

My goal is to get them all listed in the store ASAP in hopes to make it by the Black Friday deadline. I’m pretty excited about some of the new items I have.

Coffee & T will now be adding to its stock “wine glass charms,” “alphabet magnets,” and of course more knits! (Pictured above: three new original – one of a kind – iPhone sweaters!)

So while you are basting your turkey this holiday, wish my tired typing fingers luck! And check out the store and PLEASE spread the word if you love any and all things handmade!

And here’s a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING (domestic only please) on Black Friday for being awesome and supporting crafters: COFFEE4CHRISTMAS