KUI – Knitting Under the Influence

Holiday gift giving can get crazy. For those who hand-make their gifts, it can get down right mad. Every minute of my day that is not consumed by typing or using a mouse at work, sleeping or showering at home – is “gift-making” time. Every other minute is up for grabs!

On the train, I have great conversations with people about knitting. “Why do I do it?” “Where can they buy it?” They even tell me what fibers and colors they prefer and what time they ride the train – just in case I have extra time and want to feel extra generous this year.

I knit while walking to the train, I knit standing on the train, I knit while dodging people as I walk through Rockefeller Center on my way into the office (if you are ever around there for the holidays – you will understand what a feat that is!)

Karma tries to help, but she gets tired.

Along with the madness of gift making, there are the social events that come with the season. I don’t want to give those up or make the HB sad by saying, “Sorry hunny-bun. Gotta sit on the couch and watch some Gossip Girl tonight and knit. Want to join?” That’s not really fair…

So I take my knitting on the road. I bring simple things that I can knit without looking at for the bars. I wash everything when it’s completed anyways. It gives it more character, to know that it’s traveled all over the city, right?

I’ve been super bummed out this year because of the cancellation of our very first craft show. We spent months stocking up our merchandise and preparing. But Hurricane Sandy took away the venue. Thankfully they are rebuilding, it will just take more time then us holiday crafters have. So I worked my butt off with the help of the HB and got it all listed on our Etsy store, Coffee & T.

Last night, while enjoying a night cap at a local establishment, a man was intrigued by my knitting. He struck up a conversation and it turns out that he has extra space in a booth for a craft show this weekend! One door shut and another one opened! I think a little birdie helped me out by passing the shop’s name along (Thanks John).

So “Cheers!” to all. Keep on crafting. Cocktails NEVER hurt. And I’ll keep you posted as to how the show goes.

If you’re in the area, here are the details. Come and say Hi!

December 9, 2012
1pm – 4pm
Arthur’s Steakhouse
237 Washinton Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030