Make something for us, please. Yes, thank you, I will.

covermontage copyMy ambitious friends in the band the Razor Blazer’s decided to try to get 500 original covers for their new album, which in turn meant their friends got an assignment: make covers.   Finally after months, many album covers (maybe even 500) were made and a record release party was held (with 2 other bands: Birthwater and my very own husband’s band, Lifeguard Nights)  Proceeds from albums sold benefited the Kusi Kawsay school in Peru.

For the covers I created, some were just favorite photos:


This next one is a scan of a painting I made.  I have no idea what it is but it’s upside down here.
For the one below I used old worn out clothes.
And Vin (my husband) made this one.
It was nice to get a creative assignment (even though I might have procrastinated a bit)  After a long day it’s too easy to do nothing, so sometimes you need someone to tell you to make something!  Thanks guys.