A Non-Work of Art: Revived

The last time I painted on this canvas, I lived in a different apartment and the canvas had a different home. I hate to say that it has hung on the wall unfinished for 1 year and 4 months.

This is insane. I feel ashamed. But alas! It’s time has come to be finished.  The funny thing is the painting was moving from one teal space to another teal space.  The picture doesn’t show our teal tiled floor and teal front door.  So the colors are still perfect.


I was staring at my first painting I did in 12th grade of high school. It’s an orange sunset in Huawei with my little brother walking the beach. The thing I really liked about it was the texture of the water. I liked the colors of my painting, but it was missing the texture.

So I brought out the breakfast wine and the 90’s tunes and began to paint.  with LOTS of texture.


I will keep you posted with the progress.  This time I have a plan.  Hopefully it sticks!!