Love Stone for Plants

painted rocks

When I was little, my grandma and grandpa would take my brother and I to Lake Erie to go “rock hunting.” I’m pretty sure this moment in time sealed in my love for rock beaches and cooler weather. We would walk the rocky water fronts in search for the perfect pebbles to paint. My grandma would then take us back to her shop and show us how to paint cute bugs, like ladybugs, lightning bugs and beetles.

These rocks would then become our pet rocks. I took my love for pet rocks to school, painted with my friends and sold them to others. I no longer can find my pet rocks and that makes me sad. I would love to see my ladybug again.

Fast-forward several years later:
My lovely HB bought me a work plant – a pot of tiny succulent plants. I work in a very dark room with no windows and lots of grey. It can get pretty sad sometimes,so he thought a nice plant would help cheer me up. But of course, it’s not doing well in the darkness. For now, I’ve set it in our work kitchen in my one window of the day to help cheer “them” up. I sometimes feel the same thing that is happening to the plant is happening to me…


But last night, I got a package. It’s like my grandma knew my plant was sad – She is a “Master Gardener” after all. She sent me a hand-painted “Love Stone,” attached with this little note (She’s the sweetest!) :

It has been said that talking to your plants makes them flourish. Love stones are also a way of communicating with your plants. Warm the stone in your hands and place it at the base of your plant with complimenting words. Repeat the procedure occasionally to keep your plant invigorated.

grow rock

I took it to work immediately, hugged the stone, talked to the plant and gave it a shot. I think grandma’s love can heal all. Wish my tiny plants luck!

rock and plant