A Non-Work of Art: The Final Art Chapter

nonwork of art_featured

If you haven’t read A Non-Work of Art, be sure to start there before reading ahead.

After a year and a half in the making, I think I will call my painting complete. It’s funny the amount of changes my life has gone through since I started. I was just starting this blog and living in another place. Life has changed and so did the direction of my painting. I had one thought for it when I started but it is now something totally different, but I love it. It’s full of color and texture.

nonwork of art_CU strokes

I try so hard to be black and white. The base of my clothing when I get dressed in the morning is very simple and grey. But by the time I add my shoes, bag, sweater and scarves, I have 10 million colors and patterns on. I think the same goes with my art. My goal when I started was yellow…it’s far from that now!

So, thanks for following my adventure. I hope I inspired someone to pick up a project that was set down – no matter how long ago – and finish it up!

Happy crafting.

nonwork of art_final hung