Giraffe A Day For Kaitlyn K!


When we were in middle school, my best friend, Christine and I would do a lot of silly things. But our silly things were to make people happy – not cause trouble. We were pretty rebellious… One night, with a stack of hand written letters in hand, we randomly picked people’s addresses out of the phone book. We sent them letters that said things like “Have a great day!!” and “Don’t worry, be happy.”

If you’ve ready any previous blogs, then you may know my friend Kaitlyn moved to Chicago. All of us Jersey folk are still slightly heart-broken.

One night, while a small part of the Jersey family were together, Kaitlyn and I began a text conversation about giraffes.

side note: Kaitlyn LOVES giraffes…at least she did before we got to her. You know, when someone finds out you like something – like pigs, for example – so every holiday thereafter, your gift is pig-themed. (Sorry Amy.)

She mentioned in her conversation that even though she loves giraffes, she only has 5 giraffe-themed items in her apartment.

This just won’t do.

I grabbed a box of crayons, a stack of paper and a bottle of some dark rum and put us to work.


We draw for what seems like hours.


Our giraffes are stick figures, then very detailed, then scientists, then party animals.



We collect them all. We drew a total of 30 pictures, enough to mail one to Kaitlyn everyday for a month! I guess some habits don’t die off as you grow older. (I wonder if Christine has sent a random postcard lately.)

So that’s what we did. Then we didn’t speak of it again. She asked us about it and we didn’t respond…because we were waiting for the grand finale.


I can imagine the stages of emotions Kaitlyn went through. “Oh yay! Presents!” “Ha…another one! “Wow, they don’t quit.” “Really guys?” “GD….” “….” “I’m gonna have to move…and tell no one.” “..ok this is funny again” “wait, it’s not.”

And then. We mailed her one last package.



Go ahead, move away, I dare you! Take a second and mail someone you love a hand written letter. Emails are taking over our lives. There is nothing like the feeling of opening a card from someone with your name actually written out…