Craft Sabbatical: Fridge Magnet Makeover

I’d say I have a pretty average kitchen refrigerator. White. Scattered with a few pictures, cards, old coupons, but mostly quite sparse.

The way I see it, it’s empty art space dieing to be used. A blank canvas. I decided to overhaul the wasted space on the front of my fridge. Though I can’t take credit for this use of the fridge magnet, I am excited to share the use of space.

However, this was a project better done with multiple hands and multiple creative minds.

Fast forward to brunch the following morning. Over our Saturday morning cocktails and coffee of mixed male and female company, I say “Guys! Let’s make magnets tonight!”


I went through three years of great memories and printed the pictures that don’t normally get viewed. I also printed a handful of my favorite Instagram snapshots. I fit about 6 to 12 pictures on 8.5×11 sheets of photo paper and printed them out at home.


I trimmed them, leaving the white border. I think it helps separate the massive collage and make all the tiny photos look like Polaroid moments in time.


We made the magnets from flowers, stamps, crayons, colored pencils, paper and fabric. We used my button press to press them into magnets.


I then cleared my old fridge and began the puzzle.




I now have a great piece of art that is covered with the people I love. It’s always growing and always changing. I also learned… I need to take MORE pictures!