Giraffe A Day For Kaitlyn K: IN PRINT!

If you haven’t read: Giraffe A Day For Kaitlyn K! I suggest you start there. This is the conclusion to that story!

My birthday happened this past month. On the day of, I received a package from my good friend Kaitlyn. As promised, she took our pictures that we all drew for her and wrote a story! I read it and laughed until I cried, *RBK style.

I put it in movie form for you all to enjoy. Thanks to our friends, Leaf Pile and Adam, it comes along with music and narration!


You can purchase your own copy here, if you thought it was the greatest book you’ve ever seen and just can’t get enough:

(**RBK is a good friend of ours who is one of the happiest people I know. When she is really happy she cries with tears of joy.)