A DIY Baby Shower: Made with Love

baby shower_featured 02

If you’ve been following the story, then you will be excited to hear that I’m an Aunt!!! My Mum, brother and I decided to throw my sister a baby shower. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t yet.

The theme was owls and trees, two things that have been growing in popularity and are super cute. My sister loves pink, so Mum said “Pink, Pink, Pink!” I added some muted colors to help the pink pop.

My sister and her husband had already named the baby Arabella. Due to indecision, I think I’ll be waiting to pick a name at least a week after the baby is born when I’m pregnant, so they are on top of things!

Handmade Banner
baby shower_banner02

Triangles of similarly-colored card stock were cut out and strung up with cord to show off the new parents’ decisiveness in choosing a name. Though the banner says Arabella, it also infers “Welcome!! And Celebrate with us!”

Pet Owl Rocks
I took a couple days and painted in the park. Who doesn’t love pet rocks! No real purpose but fun and cute! They now live in my garden.

Scented Owl Centerpieces
baby shower_sewn owls 01

My main task of shower duties were to make some owls to use as centerpieces. Of course, this is the moment my sewing machine decided to fight me. I shoved and pulled thread and forced it to feed through. I begged and pleaded. I gave it a sacrifice of virgin fabric and it finally behaved long enough to finish the owls.

I crocheted circles for their eyes and used my new (but still lame) embroidery skills to sew on the triangle-shaped beak. I sewed on buttons to the center of the eyes.

baby shower_sewn owls 02

I decided to make the owls scented so they could be reused in a drawer to keep everyone’s knitted wool socks smelling great! I purchased some of those scented packets you can find at any craft store and sewed small bags of scrap fabric, which I filled with the flower-scented contents. These little sachets (plus polyfill) were then stuffed into each owl.

baby shower_sewn owls 03

They all have the handmade charm that I love. If you want something perfect, buy it or ask “Martha” to help you.

baby shower_sewn owls 04

Owls in my Cupcake Tree
baby shower_cake

My friend Kelly is a very talented baker, crafter, home maker and mom. I’m pretty sure she can bake cupcakes, juggle and sew a Halloween costume for her little girl all at the same time. She also has an etsy store, Buzzy’s Bowtique, where you can pick up some handmade bows and sewn items for your little ones.

I called Kelly one day and asked, “So…I know you are crazy busy but can you make me 40 strawberry-filled vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting? Oh, and in a shape of a tree? Oh, and by next weekend?” She took on the challenge AND made chocolate covered strawberry owls sitting in the tree, just for fun.

The day of the shower came and everything was pretty and pink. My sister was glowing and so happy! We collected pictures of my sister and her husband as babies, and clipped them up with clothespins.


We played baby games, they opened lots of adorable gifts and a swell time was had by all!

baby shower_games

baby shower_desi

baby shower_richie

baby shower_siblings

But this story doesn’t end here. A little more than a month after the baby shower, my sister was rushed to the hospital more than 2 months before her due date and delivered Arabella. We all flew to the hospital to be there with her and the new family. She was only two pounds and was the tiniest baby I’ve ever seen. The first few weeks were a bit scary for everyone.

baby bella

But now she’s a month old, weighs four pounds and is growing so quickly! She’s a fighter just like her lovely mother. Plus, a September baby just like her Auntie CourTney!