Abstract Tan: what is chaotic organization? me.


While on an adventure in Chicago, I visited my friend Kaitlyn. Over margaritas and getting chatted up about our awesome shoes from men adorned in dresses while having beards, Kaitlyn and I began to chat about our color auras. She took an online quiz and had a laugh about her results.

Kaitlyn: a very organized, on-time, yet fun loving and super sarcastic gal was green and tan.

TAN?? I said. So funny! It seems like such a boring color and she is the opposite of boring. So I decide to take the test too.

My results were yellow and a side of abstract tan. What in the world..once back home, I looked at a sliver of a day in the life of a CourTney, and then it all makes sense.

What the fuck is Abstract Tan?

I am very organized, but getting to the end result is a bit different than for most. I dated a boy who once called me a tornado….I’m sure my mom would agree.

Yet, I really need things to be done right and to stay clean.

One day, I woke up upset so I decided I needed a project to distract me. I settled on repainting my blah entry way.


I got out all the tools and began painting. I stopped to choose a record to listen to. I realized I hadn’t made any coffee yet, so I put the kettle on, ground the beans for my french press, then went back to painting.

Kettle went off and record ended, so I flipped on the TV and finished making the coffee. I tossed an egg on the stove and began painting again. About 45 seconds into it, I flipped my egg. I pulled out kale to go with my egg and left the remaining four bundles sitting on the counter. (Big kale sale the other day.)

I finished making my breakfast, then took my coffee to the bedroom where I realized I never made my bed. I made the bed and started to clean. As I passed through the entry way I was painting, I finished my touch ups and went back to the kitchen to wash the paint brush out. Oh! breakfast. I sat and watching a half of an episode of “Last man on Earth,” while housing my eggs and kale.

While the show was still going I began to lay out picture frames to decide the order. I turned on the lights in the entry way and realized the baseboard was filthy now that the walls were so clean. I got out the bleach and began scrubbing. Of course that took me to scrubbing the baseboards in the surrounding rooms.

I went back in the kitchen to toss the rags in the basket when I saw the kale out. “I should freeze all of this.” so I washed my hands and began cutting it up. As I put it in the freezer, I saw my ice-cream bowl (used to make ice-cream,) I pulled it out and pulled all the remaining berried from the fridge and mixed it all together


“It’s hot so why not” frozen yogurt
1/2 a container of Chobani plain greek yogurt
random left over black berries, strawberries, handful of nuts from the bottom of the bag
1 spoonful of nutella
1 big squirt of agave nectar
Sprig of fresh mint to eat with the final product


Why cleaning up my dishes and wiping the counters I found my coffee in the microwave. I reheated it again and tossed the yogurt on the mixer to freeze.

I went to hang up the light switch covers and decided they no longer matched, so I pulled fabric out to cover them. However, I didn’t have glue, so I decided to repaint them.

I stopped the frozen yogurt, and did all the remaining dishes. With my bowl of frozen yogurt, I sat down to begin writing this post. Of course, I started the record player to “Shake it out!” with Florence and the Machine.

As I take a break from the 15 tasks I’ve started, I looked around and soaked in the chaos I’ve created. It was beautiful.

The trash was piling up from the days activities so I ran it downstairs. …but if I’m going to run the trash all the way downstairs, I should take a load of laundry too.

I started the laundry, then saw a package addressed to me. It was my bike seat lock! I sat in the hallway with my bike, ripped open the package and installed the lock (my bike will not get stolen again!) I take the trash to the basement and come back upstairs to start hanging pictures.

I hung all the pictures but two. I just couldn’t decide. I heated up a late lunch. While putting the tools away I aquired with all the days tasks, I saw one that made me think of my grandma. So, I called G’ma. I ate the lunch that was now cold.

OH NO! I only had an hour before dance class, so I made a mad dash to the finish everything.

So, though I tackled this day in an “Abstract” way, I still got a tone of shit done! Wait, right?

What color are you?? http://www.lifecolorscity.com/aura-colors/aura-colors-questionnaire/