Moving and Muffin Tops

Last weekend, my lady friends Alisson and Sarah came over for what we planned to be a lazy Saturday afternoon full of coffee and baking. In standard small apartment fashion, we all crunched into the kitchen. I suppose everyone gathering around the food is human nature.


As we were sitting there chatting about what to bake in the hot kitchen, I started wondering how I could maneuver the gathering into the cooler living room next door.

Next thing I knew, our lazy Saturday turned quite productive. We began examining my furniture and the layouts I had established in the living room. The kitchen has a passthrough countertop leading into the living room, so combining the spaces to be more cohesive was doable.

Concluding our baked good debate, we decided to make a classic – blueberry muffins. That then freed us to move furniture between batches of muffins baking in the oven. We are multitasking women!


“Bullshit those are just Blueberry” Muffins
1 C Unbleached Flour
1.5 C Whole Wheat Flour
Sprinkle of Wheat Bran
Handful of Flax Seed
TB Baking Powder
TB of Rosehip Powder (for the joints!)
1.5ish C Milk (add enough so the batter isn’t too sticky)
1 Stick of Butter, soften
.5 C sugar
2 Eggs
Splash of Kumquat Extract (or just orange)
Splash of Vanilla Extract
2.5 Carrots Ground to a Pulp
Handful of Blueberries
Handful of Strawberries, Chopped
Handful of Mini Chocolate Chips

A couple spoonfuls of brown sugar
A couple pats of melted butter

Mix together all dry ingredients with a wooden spoon and set aside. Whip the butter with the sugar, then egg together. Add the remaining wet ingredients to the butter mixture, including the carrots. Mix in the dry ingredients that you set aside. Stir in the handfuls of love.

Bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees – I suggest muffin tins without liners. They are such heavy muffins they will hold on to their paper liner clothing and never let go.

To add a touch of sweetness, mix together a bit of melted butter with brown sugar and spoon a bit on top of the muffins for their last 3-5 minutes in the oven.
The debating that instilled for the next couple hours could be used to solve world conflicts. It was effective, respectful and very collaborative. There were three trigger points that hinged the final decisions: records and craft area, focus on the fireplace and seating closer to the kitchen.

There was a dance of muffin making and moving furniture – a dance not unlike that first awkward middle school moment where you get your toes stepped on.

I was in charge of the baking. My muffin mix turned to cement as I mixed everything in the wrong order. Adding butter to cold milk so it never really mixes smoothly, forgetting the carrots until after the dry ingredients are all added and blended.

Alisson was on cleaning patrol. Any new surface was covered and wiped with pledge. We created clouds of flour and dust simultaneously (in separate spaces – no dusty muffins.)

Sarah was the muscle. Moving furniture in a small space is dance of its own. You have to plan four steps in advance in order to get the table over the couch and around the bookshelf.

I texted my roomie, Liz. “DON’T come home yet….” with this image.

No one was getting muffin tops today! We lifted and moved and shaked to records. And if you were looking for the muffin tops from the baker, I fucked up. As I added 5 more powders and items, the ladies stopped me and said enough is enough. My muffins were too sturdy to get light fluffy muffin tops. “Bullshit those are just blueberry muffins.”

In the end, we got all the spaces we hoped for. We really didn’t need to move much to create a big difference in our seating experience.

Records all together, check!

Seating area near kitchen, check! (I’m currently on the hunt for tall wingbacked stools to really complete the cozy seating.)

And my livingroom still functioning around the fireplace, check!

We ended the day in success and I rewarded all with a sushi feast. Cheers!