A Leaf Pile Christmas Cabin


When Brian told me he was renting a cabin to go record a Christmas album with his band, Leaf Pile and asked if I could come to document their adventure, I was all in.  We all packed our bags and drove three hours to Phoenicia New York in the Catskills. We got in super late and unpacked the beer and gear in the dark.

Leaf Pile Christmas Cabin

Brian transformed the awesome A-frame into a full out recording studio. They worked for 40 hours, 40 beers and a bottle of wine. I took some shots…and some pictures and videos.

Get into the holiday spirit by checking out an inside look at the making of Leaf Pile Christmas Cabin.

Make it Your Damn Self: "Leaf Pile Christmas Cabin" from CourTney Collins on Vimeo.

You can find the full album on LeafPileMusic.com