Photographing a Writer

Alisson Wood Bio Pic

I have a lovely friend, Alisson Wood, who just got her first publication in the NY Times. It’s a very heartrending and intimate piece called, ” ‘Get Home Safe,’ My Rapist Said.”


As she found out about the publication, she realized all the photos she had of herself were Instagram snaps. She reached out to me and I graciously accepted.

I don’t very often shoot people, unless they are busy on stage performing music, paying little attention to a camera – product shots for my online Etsy shop, NonLinear Knitting – or landscapes, which don’t give a damn about what you do.  Also, I really mainly just shoot video.

That being said, I was very nervous, but excited to help out.  And I’m going to be super honest: I need some work.  The few pics here, I’m pleased with, but the other 196 – I fucked up a bit.

My dad, who did a lot of photography when I was a kid, used to tell me “If you get one shot out of a roll of film that really speaks to you, then you did good.” So….does a card that can hold 2,000 pictures equal a roll of film? If so, then I killed it 😉

I really enjoyed shooting with a live subject but to handle a model who isn’t distracted with their own activities and looking to me for direction – whoa.  I have a new task to work towards.  Another pitfall that I am working through is my glass.  I have traveled to many different countries, beaches and climates.  After 4 years….I think it’s time to get my lens cleaned and adjusted.


Luckily, my beautiful model made it easy.  But this chick isn’t just pretty – she has a beautiful mind and a gift for words.  I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some of her readings in New York City. Keep an eye on this one, you will know her name soon! Please check out and share her article, ” ‘Get Home Safe,’ My Rapist Said.”