JOBLESS in Jersey City

My dear friend RBK and I found ourselves to be unemployed simultaneously. Part of my personal sabbatical is to find out what I want to do next. I decided to make it a craft sabbatical.

craft sabbatical /kraft səˈbadək(ə)l/ – noun – A break from your normal routine to help promote the creativity that a desk job deprives you from. #craftsabbatical if you are doing something creative to mentally step away from the desk.

At the beginning of my life in Jersey City, my two dude friends found themselves in a similar situation: new to the city, new to the job market and unemployed. One was a writer and the other a video production guy. Together they came up with “Jobless in Jersey City,” a hilarious web short about their adventures trying to work in this town. (That shit ain’t easy.)

Six years later, RBK and I are a bit more established in our careers then they were back then but we still loved the idea of bringing back their web sitcom. I am a video editor and RBK is a marketing guru. Neither of us write comedy and RBK’s first time working a DSLR was on our first day of shooting, so it should be an interesting – yet FUN – challenge.

Follow us along as we take on JC and also get the MEOW out of this town.