JOBLESS in Jersey City – California Dreamin’

Hammock nap at sunset on the OB Pier in San Diego “Hammock nap at sunset on the OB Pier in San Diego”

For the past 10 days, I’ve been on an adventure with RBK, my fellow JOBLESS in Jersey City friend.

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We flew from New York City to Sacramento, California. We spent a few days in Sacramento, Mill Valley and Napa tasting wine, looking at huge trees and climbing up mountains. In San Francisco, we partied for Chinese New Year and watched the sun rise and set over the ocean. We trained down the coast on Amtrak as the ocean and hilly landscapes rolled slowly on by. In San Diego, we met up with friends, whales and dolphins.

Our lodging was unique and diverse: we stayed in an airstream, hostels, hotels, random bedrooms and train cars. We bonded over wine, nature, jello shots, karaoke and sharing a bed for 10 days. Even the night we managed to lose house keys in a single bedroom while on our way out to dinner, we never got upset at each other but rather just worked through things – even through the extreme hanger (Hunger+Anger). It’s been a healthy and adult trip.

The more we sweat and the further we climbed, the deeper RBK seemed to relax and open up. It’s really inspiring to see your friend emerge a more confident, stronger woman.

Maybe I’m sexist to my own sex, but as I woman, I have a fear of traveling alone. When the opportunity came up to do this journey with RBK, I jumped on it. She had a small window of time to work with yet I didn’t buy a return ticket. My time with her helped me get into the swing of constant travel and once she left, it was my chance to get over my fear. I thought our trip would help me clear my head, get re-inspired creatively and figure out what I want next in my life. (That’s a tall fucking order for a single sabbatical!)

What I’ve come to realize is the resentment and anger I’ve been holding in has crept into my blood and my breath. It’s a consuming force. Before being able to move ahead, I need to be able to let go and breathe. The first 10 days of this trip I have really made strides towards letting go. Now it’s time to breathe.

#LESSONOFTHEDAY – Thank you RBK! You’re absolutely right. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.

Stay tuned to see if I breathe or turn blue… These thoughts and stories will be videos soon, but for now check out these snippets.