Norwood’s “Notes to my Blood” Album Release

A lot of my Jobless in Jersey City days have been spent around live music: Enjoying, feeling and shooting it. Watching people perform what comes from inside themselves – with little to no filter – is rewarding. As I work towards my personal re-invention, I am in need of some inspiration…

Chris Norwood: A very layered man, much like his music, is releasing a new album “Notes to my Blood.” I met him as “The Bear” from another band, the Manimals.
The Manimals - way station
He’s the one who plays rhythm guitar while bare chested and wearing a mask. He’s got a rock scream that is strong and shocking, yet in person is very sweet. I’ve had the privilege of meeting the man under the mask, while he worked on a new album from his folk rock group, “Norwood.” I’ve been documenting his process while he finished up his newest album, Norwood: “Notes to my Blood.”

“I would say that my music is for the middle children of culture. The people who are constantly being told what’s cool and how they should think. These songs are for the people who take life on a person-by-person basis instead of lumping people into easily marketable groups, cliques, races, social classes, genders, whatever. This music is for anybody who feels pinned down by a thousand voices coming from all directions telling them they aren’t good enough for any of a million bullshit reasons. Fuck that.” – Chris Norwood (

NORWOOD - edit
Some “behind-the-screens” notes. All the footage was shot on my Canon Rebel DSLR with an additional shoot day from my very talented brother, Alex Thomas (owner of Nexus Sound Studio) on his Sony FS7. We shot in rooms that were the size of closets, so no room for anthing beyond the 5’3″ gal holding a DSLR. I edited in Adobe Premiere always with a glass of wine (obviously….) Like Norwood, my best story thoughts come a little flushed.