That’s Forked Up. Too Spoon?

One of my favorite kitchen utensils is the wooden spoon. Why? I don’t know. It was always a form of punishment growing up so I should want to have all of them banished from the kitchen, but they are too damn useful.

They also make great gifts like dish towels. “Oh man, I hate new clean towels,” said no one ever.

But a wooden spoon alone may seem a bit dull, so why not pass on words of love, encouragement or advice. Everyone loves hearing your opinion, I promise.

I met my lady friends out for a crafterday breakfast. As the server brought us beautifully made coffees and eyed us for being weirdos with wooden spoons and pencils, we drew away.
Woodburned spoons

Wooden spoon
White eraser
Wood burner

Take the time to draw out your design with a pencil So you aren’t running out of space to fit that last letter with the wood burner. Getting a spoon that says “caution ho” instead of “caution hot” may be awkward.

Wrap them with some yarn and a hand-knit dish towel and you are good to go!