Banging on the Banjo: take 1

No seriously, that’s what I currently sound like… But that’s about to change!  It only takes 100,000 hours to get something mastered, right?

I have been on a freelance adventure for about two years now. It was the right decision for me at the time. I felt my voice was muffled and I really needed the freedom to be heard. I’ve been shooting lots of photography, video, music and lots of beautiful people – which is nothing but inspiring.

However, all of the freelance occupies my time in a new unexpected way and my voice never became audible.

Now, I’m back on the corporate ladder for a little over a month and I’ve decided to embrace the scheduled lifestyle and rip off my muzzle. I’m going to let my voice be heard and learn my banjo.

When life gets hard, I write. It’s not always pretty, but as Sam Pace would say “You Gotta “Get the Evil Out.” (check out his song, it’s AMAZING.) So, I’ve written a song that I would like to practice during my corporate stint and really focus on improving – Which you can’t do until you try.

And you can’t mark improvement without a humbling starting marker.  Almost two years ago, I recorded the rough on my iPhone. So here it is. The rough, unpracticed, embarrassingly-real recording of myself: “Heart Shaped Hole” by CourTney Collins circa 2015.

In order to hold myself accountable and stick to my goal, I am going to continue posting my banjo banging and maybe it will turn into some serious plucking.  Trust me, this is super embarrassing but I’ve heard that….

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”