Banjo Love, All about the D: take 2

If you didn’t see the first Banjo post, I suggest backing up a page:

I got a break from the day job and ran away to the beach. However, I’m sticking strongly to my weekly banjo practice.

Jack, my musically uber-talented boyfriend, has been generously listening to my sad, uneven strums, helping me with the melodic side of my song. He listened over and over and decided something was missing…The D.

So with some lessons about holding my wrists stronger and sturdier we played with the view of the beach. The strums got stronger.

We added the D between my E minor and G – 3 chords!? so fancy.  I managed to write a perfect song for keeping as little finger pads as possible on the instrument and he’s gotta go make it all complicated and actually sound better.  He tried adding a fourth, but one thing at a time…