Eating Nachos on a Tuesday

Listen.  It’s not a pretty existence.  It’s crunchy and salty and messy, but fucking cheesy as hell and so delicious.  

Thats my life.  But also my nacho-eating-face as I turn 34 with a tequila shot in my hand on a Tuesday night.  Let’s drink another to commemorate or forget…whatever your view of the day is.  

photo credit Filip Uscilowicz

As I sit with RBK, my sister of adulthood, we start talking about feelings: The numbness that comes with age and together we decided that the numbness of our thirties is just like the complacency of a Tuesday night.

Think about it.  Every night of the week builds some sort of feeling in your gut; whether it be joy, resentment, anxiety or peace. Tuesday.  Is nothingness.

And that is how we discovered, together, that every decade of ages, has a slogan and day of the week: 

MONDAY – Your 60s through 70s “Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays…” Office Space.
As your health starts to go, sometimes an unsettling flow of emotions over your physical health can bombard you.  

TUESDAY – Your 30’s “Tuesday has no feel!” Seinfeld.
You’re no longer struggling to figure out every inch of adulthood – Maybe for you that’s bills, first jobs, first relationships, first kids…etc.  Trust me, there is still A TON to figure out, but the excitement has waned.  For me, I have a sense of lethargic life goals.  Shit is still happening but the hills have mellowed, the cheers have subdued and the birthday presents are now a shot if you happen to be at a bar.

WEDNESDAY– 50’s “I’m 50!  I can kick, stretch and kick!” Sally O’Malley SNL
Wednesday, also known as “hump day” because by the end of the day, you have successfully made it over the hump and are on the down slide to the weekend.  It’s scary AF to head over the hill I hear, but you gotta keep fighting and be proud you made it this far.

THURSDAY– 40’s – “It’s 5 O’clock somewhere” Jim ‘Moose’ Brown &  Don Rollins
It’s the best happy hour of your life.  You worked hard and are ready for a break. But there is still more work left to do.

FRIDAY – kid to 21 – “Everybody’s working for the weekend” Loverboy
As a kid, remember always wanting to grow up….sitting in class always dying for the weekend…always asking what is happening next…just wanting to grow up and be an adult.  Silly kids.  You get the childhood-fun of a Friday with the angst of wanting Saturday.

SATURDAY – 20’s “I don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do” Big Sean.
Kids these days, amiright?  No seriously, after the 20s have passed, it’s easy to lay judgement on the selfish mentality many from this decade seem to have, but when you are I your 20’s, it’s really difficult.  Big changes happen in your life as you transition to adulthood.  Some falter and flail while others plow right through.  In a generation of social MEdia, it’s all about me.

SUNDAY – 80’s +  “I survive!  See if you can too” Seinfeld
Sunday Stall is the method of drinking away your Sunday due to the dread of another Monday…You stop giving a fuck…stop apologizing for anything…naked beach walking starts.  You put the car in reverse and step on the gas, what do you have left to lose?

As I mix my glass of emergen-C and pour a tall boy of water, I scold myself for not enjoying every moment, regardless of the numbness.  When I’m Sunday Stalling on my 87th birthday, I won’t be holding anything back.

Life is dumb.