NonLinear’s Studio is being “Knitted” Together.

In yoga class this morning, our mantra of the day was “courage.”  Lately, I’ve been feeling very scared and second guessing every thought I have.  I felt like my mental sunshine was slowly drained out of my heart.  Yet, somehow, through all the mud, tears, and frustrations, I woke up this morning with all of my sunshine replenished. It’s funny thing how things can align.

I’ve recently “jumped” as my mom would say, into a new adventure with my boyfriend, Jack.

As an editor, it can be simpler sometimes to jump to the point, but I think the best stories are told with heart.  This adventure originated from a place of love for creation and inspiration.  This was a plan that started with four amazing, emotionally driven, artful, creatives.  I think it’s important to mention them because it would have never happened without them.  They are the starters of the story.  However, two months of stress, landlord misunderstandings, and heartache has changed the four creatives to two.  Everyone involved is lovely, but things just weren’t meant to be as they started.

No matter how things proceed in the future, I just want to reach out and express my gratitude to these other members, because though it sucks getting your heart ripped out, I truly do believe that there is always a positive in a negative situation.  And I now have two new friends, that I may not have gotten to know otherwise, if we didn’t suffer through this frustration together.

Now, I have a plan.  It has to do with crafts.  It has to do with “Barley the Sheep.”  It has to do with “Making it your damn self.”  More details to come.

So please, take the mantra of courage and just think about it.  If you never jump, how will you get off the ground?

“We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it.”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald