The Studio Process

NonLinear Knitting started out of my need to get back to my Ohio roots and make shit. It’s about getting people together to insspire each other and do creative things. Maybe that means knitting. But it also means video, photography, macramé, yoga, dance, writing, music, painting……(ADD YOUR THING HERE)

After working a 9 to 5 in Manhattan, my inspiration was being washed away with the mundane efforts of going to a job.
Seven years in the making, so many awesome people chipped in time, encouragement, and effort to help get things to this point:

MIKE pushed me to give myself “me-time” in order to CREATE SHIT and built me a website to host my successes and failures. BRIAN supported my wacky creative efforts and built a home craft spot where I could MAKE SHIT and always helps to build out the crazy mental schematics in my brain. KYLE coined NONLINEAR KNITTING and the name stuck even before I realized I felt STUCK. YEON drew the logo BARLEY THE SHEEP – she likes to CREATE SHIT too. MOM is my cheerleader. ALEX keeps me thinking BIG. DAD and BOB trucked out to Jersey just to SEE if the space I wanted to MAKE SHIT in was doable. GMA is my creative crafty inspiration – she is the reason I create today. JACK keeps me grounded and supported. MY LADIES keep me lubricated and fun. ALL my FAM and FRIENDS have chipped me into the person I am today. And I love all of them for that. You know who you are…

Anyways, after a long weekend of cutting, chipping, dusting, sanding, painting, drilling, and sawing, we have the space cleaned up! Here’s a sneak peek at NonLinear Knitting Studio! #NLKSTUDIO