NonLinear Knitting, a (VERY) brief history.

Hi all – I’m a gal on an adventure.  I write and shoot about life, craft successes and failures and adventures of all types that I find myself on.
This blog started back in a 2012 with my friend Tara, based around our journey of starting an Etsy shop together.  We included Eve, a talented photographer who also liked adventures.  Brian, my past love, was a big part of my life and this blog.  It’s a funny thing how quickly life can twist and turn on you – people come and go – but they are all still significant on how I became who I am and will never forget any of them.  I hope to have had even an ounce of the same profound affect on them.
I tend to write blog posts when something exciting is happening, rarely at a scheduled time, therefore, posts can be very random, so please subscribe below to recieve an email notification when there is a new post, that way you’re in the loop!

Please enjoy our blog and feel free to comment if you have any thoughts.


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